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Search engine

If you don’t bother to submit your site anywhere else, it won’t make much of a difference. Chances are that 99% of your search engine and directory traffic will come from these 12 sites. Unless you have a real reason to believe that you can get traffic from another search engine, it’s not worth your time to submit by hand, or track your ranking ? just use software if you have it, or a free submission service.


Many of the search engines listed here, such as HotBot, have begun to offer web indexes as well as traditional keyword searches. These indexes, more often than not, come straight from the Open Directory.

There are a few other portals that might be of interest to you, now or in the future. is spending god-awful amounts of money to draw traffic from other search engines, but so far their site is too slow to retain many visitors. has been running television advertising for some time chwilowki

. is a “pay for placement” search engine, that has also been spending big money to get visibility, but how many web surfers really want to be sold to the highest bidder? Some sites do get a lot of targeted traffic from, and we have an article on the bidding process to help you decide whether you want to give it a try.

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